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28 Credentials of Entrepreneur

The 28COE “28 Credentials of Entrepreneur” is the platform for the World of Entrepreneurs which is rigorously and successfully spreading its wings globally and had got incorporated in approx. 85 countries and many more are in pipeline.

The key objective is to create and support all aspiring millennial’s, startups, entrepreneurs, business establishments, professional leaders, etc to participate which shall in return strengthen economic growth by creating an ecosystem that leads to cross-border collaboration and initiatives between investors, stakeholders, policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurial support organizations.

The 28COE has always kept and shall practice maintaining a flexible approach much in the simplest way to start and scale businesses, anywhere across the globe.

~ 28COE has always and at all times consistently lived and led with Values that will always Outperform, Outshine and Outlive the Competitors who leave ethics at the back door.

28COE is a platform to provide the best customer service excellence possible & deliver ‘WOW’ through our Vision / Mission and Undertakings as service.  

28COE is the platform of Professionals who believes that – it’s the culture that helps make a large body of small decisions quicker — and a small body of large decisions easier.

28COE VISION  is to treat people like family, spread the power of optimism, create a better everyday life by making each and every aspiring millennial worldwide more thoughtful, and quick-witted, and galvanize them by sharing our success/failures which shall most importantly shorten their respective journeys.

28 COE is the first generation in its initiatives for Sustainable Development Goals, and achieving those is central to our core Vision / Mission for life in all its fullness for every human being by 2030.

The few goals listed here are as; – Quality Education for all underprivileged, No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health & Well-being, Decent work on creating Economic Growth and Industries Innovations, etc.

28COE carries a MISSION – A God’s Beautiful World to be without Poverty.

Provide maximum value to all our shareholders whilst helping our esteemed potential members who hail from all different domains globally, e.g. Business Leaders, Key-note Speakers, Ambassadors, Industrialist and so on & connect them by Networking, Leveraging, and Branding to the world’s professionals and make them more productive and successful by achieving new set standards of Excellence. 

28COE is undertaking for Teenpreneurs, Kidpreneurs to make them Entrepreneurs by capturing and sharing their perspective to the Worlds moments, by teaching them, mentoring them, and giving them an entrepreneurial mindset, with one of our modules called – “MBE” and more such in 28COE to-do list.

Making Teenpreneurs, and Kidpreneurs make the difference in their own perspective and who are the future of the World and its economy at large.

We at 28COE believe that expecting a kid to learn from his/her textbooks is in a way asking them to look at the travel brochure and calling it a vacation.

28COE is a globally accepted and rapidly growing organization that has an extensive network of members from all numerous domains such as Ambassadors, Community Leaders, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professional Leaders to name a few.

Declaration | Announcement.

The 1st Launch of “28COE Book” is all about untold Success Stories and ’28COE Core Values’ accompanied by the Award Ceremony which  was happened on 27th March 2022 in Dubai at Hotel Dusti Thani, and the 2nd Launch will be on 3-6th  November 2022 in ACCRA- GHANA

Abstract of 28 Core Values and its Importance for all to grab a copy ASAP.

Rehearse Core Values are our guiding light to excellence. They help us navigate through difficult times and important decisions both in the personal and professional hemispheres.

Core values represent what is most important to us. They are the principles that we adhere to in life, our personal code of conduct.

Values are not chosen. They are inborn to who we are and are as unique as our fingerprints.

The importance of 28 Core Values is mandatory for each individual and every organization. Such Core Values guide crucial actions and behaviors, in a way, how business decisions are made and Successful Relationships are formed.

28 Core Values will be a much important pillar of you and your respective Organization’s culture.

We pledge to break through, celebrate the Milestones as we prepare for the road ahead, and work closely by welcoming all shareholders to make YOY of Sustainable Global Actions – that one day will be remembered as the dawn of a New Era Globally.

We are so very much delighted to see more and more signups every day.

28COE Malaysia invites and looks forward rigorously and calls for Members from all sections, and all segments to come and join their own network.


The 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur”28COE” is an ENERGETIC Organization that believes Alone We can do so little but

Together We all can do so much for our Global Community.

We Acknowledge Everyone to Join Us & Lets Us all Move forward together & walk the Successful Journey and WIN Championships.

28COE Membership Lasts for Eternity

Individually we are One Drop in this Entrepreneurial Journey

Together We WIN and Be in Beautiful Ocean.

28COE Quotes

Our Core Values

The 28COE concentrates its efforts in the following 28 areas to fulfill its mission: concept development and experimentation, analysis and lessons learned and doctrine development and standards.

Practice of being honest and being consistent and uncompromising.
Being fearless and not hesitating in facing any un wanted situation
Being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere
Being a levelheaded leader