As Moon is mentioned 28 times in the Holy Noble Quran, exactly as the number of times and phases it appears to earth!                                        The moon takes 28 days to orbit the earth.

As there are five most important traits of the number 28, which are- Relationships, Diplomacy, Independence, Self-determination, and Business.

It can make you a leader.

Bilal Ahmad Bhat (BAB)

One who Leads, One who organizes as well as Manages and always assumes the risks of Businesses
An Individual with an Idea and always Intends to Execute such Ideas.

Teenpreneurs are the future leaders of the nation.
The Teenpreneurs is for teens who have their own business IQ and who are willing to start their own business.

A kid who believes in their ideas and dreams so much, starts a business in order to make a positive difference in the world.
Kidpreneurs often find purpose in their lives and become the most successful future Entrepreneurs.

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Witnessing acts of goodness is what drives us to take better care of ourselves, too.

Volunteering is good for your well-being and always connects you to others in need.
Volunteering helps counteract the effects of all the Human Causes and their requirements.

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