Andy Aditya

Andy conjures professional dreams to reality and exceeds customer expectations by not only advising them correctly on business expansion but also implementing the same on their behalf. As a start-up specialist, he is the perfect friend, advisor and guide for any business owners needing a business progression plan.

A trustworthy person who is ever willing to understand the concerns of his customers and comes out with sensible, effective and yet affordable solutions. For the last 27+ years, as a Startup specialist, Andy has started and built over 22 companies, spanning 17 diversified industries and encompassing 6 countries in Asia. He has been an accomplished executive with high-caliber general management skills gained through hands-on experience.

He is adept in core business functions like strategic planning & operations, sales & marketing, international business, sourcing, product development, branding, financial planning & people management. With his Post Graduate degree on Systems Management behind him, Andy has developed unmatched and distinctive skills in effective utilization of people, process and technology.

This has given him a proven record for building product/service offerings to his clients with a competitive position to grow revenue, profit and business value. Doing business in Thailand and regional expansion is his forte. As a startup specialist, he is engaged in various projects, advising his foreign clients on doing the right things to be successful in an alien country.

He believes in executing things himself on behalf of his clients, often a ‘Do-er’ rather than an ‘Advisor’. As the top 10 CEO of 2018, he is often hired by companies to provide active leadership not only in Thailand but also in the region.

With his self driven, dedicated team and infrastructure in Thailand, he identifies new business opportunities and maintains excellent client relationships – Advising and working on your vision to achieve your goal.


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