Atiyya Dudhat

Atiyya strives towards the development of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for innovation in health and education. She responds to the Beijing Platform for Action call on media everywhere to make a far greater contribution to womens’ advancement in education, business, communication, and leadership. ‘Aim to Inspire & Achieve The Impossible’ is the tagline of her weekly radio segment, The Atitribe Show on Cii International. It is also the mission statement for the social incubation hub she founded, called ATiTribe. She is a Woman of Wonder 2020 Award recipient for ‘Turning Passion into Purpose and Trial into Triumph’and has been nominated as an awardee for Sustainable Health at the PNI World Health Awards, 2021. Passionate about gearing people to build their legacies, she co-ordinates a global project where medical professionals & wellness experts nurture public health intelligence through the digital platform, Coach Middle East. She collaborates her strong networking skills and experience in curriculum development, publishing, and strategic management with an Emirati SME, AuthorsTribe, to empower aspiring leaders to become impactful creators of transformation through authorship. Her clientele are those who desire tangible growth that ignites them to powerfully impact their communities.
Atiyya is a clinical counselor, author, educationist, NLP-Functional Health Coach, mentor, co-founder of the IMA’s Bereavement Support Group for Cancer, ex-KG principal, and cognitive learning & development specialist.
She attributes her tenacity to tumultuous life experiences and the privilege to have worn various professional hats, all of which have made her the humanitarian she is today. She is a keynote speaker, program director, and moderator of global events, serving as international PRO for a humanitarian NPO and heads up Channel Islam’s Youth Research & Development in the Middle East. She is also the ambassador for the UAE chapter of WOMITS-Women In Trade & Services Married into an Emirati family, she is based in the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi, where she resides with her soulmate and sons.

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