Dr Madelaine Gomes

After years in the Corporate Business World, as well as being a Director of a Top Entrepreneurial success, I merged into a Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Pranic Healer, Mindset Alchemist and Executive Business Coach. I partner with Leaders and Executives as their Spiritual and Mindset Consultant, helping them to find a balance between their relationships, career, health and wealth as well as overcoming trauma, while I empower the process of clearing beliefs away that are self harming and self limiting, facilitating the process of self actualisation and creating new goals that are aligned with their Vision for the Future.


What do you need as an Entrepreneur? A dream and believe in yourself that is bigger than your fear of failure! Faith, that is so solid, that you can withstand any storm. I always wanted to start my own Company, and was fortunate enough to receive the foundation of my success at a major Corporate Company, where I received many Awards on an ongoing basis for Business Development before embarking on my journey as an Entrepreneur. My Journey as an Entrepreneur found me, as I worked for a similar Company and hated every minute of it.

I had a totally different Business idea at the time when I drove past a group of unemployed truck drivers sitting next to the road and started a conversation with them, which quickly led to sending them to my office for deeper conversations, when I realised that they had amazing skills but no confidence, a low self esteem and nor did they
realised their value or understand the business world and their bigger purpose within this world.

This led me to make a deal with them, to run my office in the mornings while I seek employment for them, and in turn I will train them in the afternoons in Mindset, Business Etiquette and the basics of Self Mastery in Business, with a Vision that together we will build the most successful employment Company. We received our first big order for drivers within three months which gave these Drivers an opportunity to prove themselves to be the best, which led to more orders from other Clients and the Business started to grow into a long term outsourcing Company, which led to major staff takeovers including the Sugar Cane Industry. The transformational training paid off and we created a collective success which had a ripple effect into the communities as well.

Being an Entrepreneur means the bug stops with you and does not save you from personal drama or give you a safety net. During this time I experienced personal losses that shook my world when I lost my brother 2 years into my Business, and 2 years later I lost my husband due to cancer, which left me with a 2 year old son and a very
demanding business. This is when I learned that you cannot separate yourself from your business but that your Business as an Entrepreneur, becomes an extension of Who you are, your What, Why and How becomes critical as you grow.

During this difficult time my Clients supported me, the drivers took care of me and the business continued to grow into one of the Top 10 Companies. At the peak of my success, tragedy struck again when my Business became the target of a syndicate, which eventually forced me to close the doors, leave my home and move to another City
for the safety of my son and myself.

I was beyond traumatised, burnout and shocked in our systems that did not protect me. I had a general anger and resentment in me that threw me into the dark night of my Soul for a couple of years searching for answers and understanding. This started the journey of “I AM” Possible, which is now a program of self healing and self actualisation, being taught in the refugee camps in Kenya and to Executives forming the basis of Who we are and recreating ourselves into the Vision of the Future, using our past as wisdom. I have learned that Entrepreneurship is one of the hardest journeys to walk, testing our resilience and mindset at every level. I have emerged as a Spiritualist, Mindset Alchemist and Business Consultant because I walked this path every step of the way and can finally say, I am grateful for this journey, although difficult with many stops and starts, I pushed through and have learned so much about myself.

I am in the process of starting one of my dreams, a School of Self Mastery for Self Leadership that will empower Entrepreneurs, Employees and Management with skills that will grow them personally to and professionally to succeed. I have great compassion for Entrepreneurs as the journey is tough and not often financed which makes it harder, therefore I often teach Business and Mindset workshops to Entrepreneurs knowing that when your foundation is solid, one can withstand any storm.
Dr Madelaine Gomes MsC.D

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