Feedback by Udita Lal Baruah

Feedback by Udita Lal Baruah
We humans are always biased in our judgement. There’s nothing wrong with it. It is just a human behavior to be biased. On a personal level being biased may not be an issue. But our human biases can’t be used to do things like taking business decisions, doing product analysis and understanding the market. Entrepreneurs cannot decide for themselves how good or bad their own product or service is. The actual judgement can be given by the end users of the product or service and that is called Feedback.
Feedback is knowing one’s own strength, weakness and value. It helps entrepreneurs to understand the quality of service they are providing. Feedback is like mentor of entrepreneurs who tells them what is right and what is wrong. Of course there are good feedback and bad feedback. However it is again a human bias if we judge a feedback by good or bad.A feedback is a feedback. It’s a real understanding of the value of something. And feedback is not just important in terms of entrepreneurship. It is a significant factor in our personal life as well. In fact humans are a product of feedback from others and this sentence is very true in the real world. Feedback helps us understand who we are and how we appear to others in reality.

Feedback is the GPS which helps us make the right decisions and choose the right path. Without it we may not know where we are going. Whether in professional life or in personal life if we are not getting enough feedback from others then we ourselves should seek it. It’s a tool for growth. It’s a recipe for success.

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