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My back story: I heard my calling back in 2012 when I was working as a receptionist in a hotel and I loved serving people from all over the world. My desire was to have a management position but I quickly realized that it may take many years to get to that position. I knew I needed something bigger because I had studied business management and hospitality. The treatment from my boss wasn’t pleasant most of the time. I persevered while looking for another job but within a month I made a decision to quit and launch the burning desire of what I envisioned a couple of weeks earlier. It was a social professional platform named Great Smile where my vision desire was to help needy people through the profits of my business and leave a smile on people’s faces after serving them.

Through the way I experienced great family attacks to stop the business, no support and a lot of discouragements. So every time I find a new hope that helps me rise again to continue with my vision journey. It’s my purpose and a part of me that I cannot ignore. When my ex-husband told me it’s either my business and non-profit organization or him, I rapidly understood that I was in a conditional relationship and that choice terrified me. It was simply choosing between him and myself, because once again, I believe that my business/non-profit organization to help other people is what I am. It’s my essence. I never replied to that choice verbally but truth be told, I chose God’s calling. It’s God the Almighty and Source of everything who put that purpose in me and denying it, is denying myself, and without being myself then I cannot be of any value to anyone else in this world including my kids.

This relationship challenges have helped me build strong muscles and has revealed to me that my purpose and vision in this world needs protection and I should be courageous enough to build boundaries. This is why I have been transformed to a woman of value working towards the big vision now. The secret is to learn lessons during each challenge and obstacle and use those moments to push you further towards your purpose. I have also done network and affiliate marketing business models which has helped me learn, network with other entrepreneurs and grow professionally. We should always be ready and open to learn something new in the business world every single day.

Today, I am a self-published author of 8 book programs that helps transform people’s lives from their 7 dimensions of life. It’s essential to focus on these 7 dimensions of wellness in order to live a happy and fulfilled lifestyle. My business name has evolved from Great Smile to Groove Smile Resort where am combining all my life experiences into one home. The services in this home are educational online and offline courses, guest houses, wellness center, apparel boutique, agriculture and much more in the production process.

It is therefore a worthy journey to adventure and I would love to inspire and influence all aspiring entrepreneurs to have courage to get started and explore the journey. It is an endless evolving journey, so I take it easy now and enjoy the ride!

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