Nolan Pillay

Nolan Pillay is the brilliant and dynamic founder of South Africa’s first ever trademarked self-development programme: Be the BEST Version of YOURSELF™ running under the company StraightTalkWithNolan. Rivalling the likes of similar international programs that have flooded the country, Nolan’s life-altering system has more than just one homegrown advantage to offer.

A born South African, Nolan has an almost intuitive knowledge of the diverse range of pulses that make up the heartbeat of the African continent; and most importantly, he’s been there. Much like many South Africans today, Nolan’s childhood was a humble one. He’s seen poverty and hunger – done homework by candlelight, worked multiple jobs to put food on the table and to get himself through school.

He’s been down and out, unemployed, had sleepless nights worrying about keeping the roof over his family’s heads. Most importantly, Nolan Pillay is the man who never gave up on his dreams and who is ready to share his personal success story with the world – if only for the purpose of empowering others to achieve the same through his program.

It was at his very first job as a packer and sweeper that Nolan realised that he wanted to do more with the rest of his life. He took on extra hours at work in order to finance his studies, achieving not just one, but two diplomas and then moving on to achieve a SAP certification – one of the highest qualifications in the IT world at the time.
Without having any real-life role models available to guide him, Nolan kept himself motivated by delving into whichever self-development programs he could invest in – the likes of Millionaire Mind Intensive, Enlightened Warrior Power, Train the Trainer and various motivational talks.

He paved his path of success through sheer hard work and determination – and now he is ready to share his winning formula with the world! 2015 was the year in which Nolan founded StraightTalkWithNolan – with the vision in place, he knew that this would one day be the platform to launch the dream of bringing the key secrets of hope and success to those around the world who are so desperately searching for it.

Today, #straighttalkwithnolan is in full action and was officially launched in September 2019. This is the most exciting project that Nolan has embarked on as it has given him the opportunity to constantly strive at the dynamic process of being the BEST version of HIMSELF, all whilst guiding others on how to achieve exactly the same level of success, no matter how humble their beginnings may be.

This program is based on the daily challenges we face and how we can handle them better in order to achieve more powerful outcomes. As individuals in our own right, we owe it to ourselves to “Be the BEST version of OURSELVES” – everyday, in every way possible. We can choose to sit back and watch others move forward with their lives, or we can choose to take our power into our own hands to achieve the success we have always longed for – Be the BEST Version of YOURSELF™ is the program that will give you the tools to unleash your incredible personal power – you cannot afford to walk away from this opportunity to change your life?

For Nolan, Now is the time to give back to Africa. Now is the time to step into those shoes and be who you were born to be! Catch my Inspirational story This year is a special year for me, when I launched my company I had the Deaf Community speaking at my launch and Ms Deaf South Africa 2019, Khethiwe Madi asked the audience, if all of you could not hear and I was the only who could hear, who is the one with the disability? This touched me deeply.

This year, I am doing a Triple Peak summit (climbing three mountains in Tanzania and summitting on the 1st September 2020 which is the start of International Deaf month). Even better news is that I am taking six members from Miss, Mr and Mrs Deaf South Africa (MDSA) with me. We are currently raising funds for this initiative. StraightTalkWithNolan is on a drive to build our nation and add value to people’s lives. Living and Serving my Purpose is my number one priority and we do need YOU to work with us into building a brighter Africa!

Why is this important?
Our nation has lost its humanity, self-worth, respect and gratitude which are the Core values we need to build our people and country.

Why did I get involved in the Mentorship Challenge?
Most of my conversations with people were all about how one can do better in life and how to move forward. I always have this habit of turning the negatives into positives but didn’t realise that I was touching people’s lives in the same breath. When I worked at SABMiller, there was an opportunity to start mentoring students, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. It was called “Be the Mentor 18+”. I picked an area of my choice and was connected to Oliver’s Village in Putfontein. I met Michelle Da Costa who introduced me to the village, the teachers and the students.


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