Rania Lampou

Rania Lampou

Greek Astronomy and Space Company

Greek Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs

Directorate of Educational Technology & Innovation

Rania Lampou is a Global Educator, STEM instructor, ICT Teacher trainer, neuroeducation  researcher, international inspirational speaker, author and  global peace ambassador internationally recognized. She promotes STEM vision by introducing STEM in astronomy and physics projects and combines STEM with Language Teaching.Currently, she is a STEM instructor at the Greek Astronomy and Space Company (Annex of Salamis) and she is also working at the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, at the Directorate of Educational Technology and Innovation where she writes STE(A)M projects for Greek schools. She has been awarded many national and international prizes (over 100).

In her teaching practices she leverages common materials for the teaching of complex physics concepts. For example, within the framework of a CERN innovative program her students depicted the CMS detector using wood, collages, Lego, three-dimensional printing, organizing  arts exhibitions.Her teaching style is creative and she believes in challenging her students in order for them to exceed all expectations. She is a founding member of Greek Astronomy and Space Society. She organizes lectures, seminars, conferences, STEM workshops that have a great impact to people of all ages.She has spent a great part of her life on humanitarian services and social activism and she is the founder and international coordinator of many innovative international projects that focus on the UΝ Sustainable Development Goals. For instance, she founded projects for students of developing countries that faceserious problemssuch as lack of water and food and recently the COVID-19 pandemic challenges. As peace ambassador she has she founded programs about gender-based violence and women empowerment. Rania reveals “Everything I do becomes meaningful because of my students all over the world. I want to see them one day become the best version of themselves. I also want to see myself in the best possible version. Life can be very interesting when you are on this never-ending journey.”

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